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Why Us?

Vadim is an Independent Real Estate & Mortgage Broker.

Brokers are Better Because:

  • Shopping More Lenders = More Competition = Lower Rates

  • Brokers have access to infinite resources & competitive pricing

  • One Loan Application, One Credit Pull, Multiple Loan Products

  • Brokers can offer lower wholesale rates that Banks can't match

  • Lower payments means more money in your pocket

  • Brokers shop multiple lenders to give you multiple options

  • Your Own Personal Loan Shopper

  • Dedicated to getting you a loan faster & more affordably

Vadim is a long time small business owner and entrepreneur who has a passion for finance and problem solving. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Cal Poly Pomona, where he Majored in FRL - Finance, Real Estate, and Law.


Vadim loves numbers and in his academic studies, he focused on a variety of finance and real estate topics, including financial forecasting, economic modeling, urban land economics & market analysis, commercial property valuation, and real estate investment analysis.

Whether you need a mortgage for purchasing or refinancing a property, advice on lending options for investing in real estate, specialty small business financing, or help finding the property of your dreams, Vadim is here to share his expert advice and talents as an Independent Mortgage & Real Estate Broker. Using the latest technology available, Vadim can help you to achieve your investment goals and guide you every step of the way.

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