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What is an ADU?

ADUs go by many different names, including accessory apartments, and secondary suites. But... ADU most commonly stands for an accessory dwelling unit. Which is a legal and regulatory term for a secondary house or apartment that shares the building lot of a larger, stand-alone primary house. Basically, it's always smaller and is an independent residential unit on the same lot but must be in the backyard area of the existing home. They can be one or two stories, with a maximum height of 25'.

What are the Different Types of ADUs?

There are four common types of ADUs: Detached, Attached, Garage conversion, and Interior conversion.

Detached ADU

These are completely separate from the original unit, meaning they are freestanding structures, have their own entrance, and utility hookups. Someone could live a fully independent life in one of these ADUs.

Attached ADU

These are slightly closer to home, meaning it shares one wall with the original unit. However, they do not have an interior entrance to the main residence. It may share utility hookups, or it may have its own.

Garage Conversion

These can be attached or detached, depending on your type of garage. In both cases, a garage conversion can be considered an ADU if it has been completely converted into a fully functional independent living space, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area, and dining area.

Interior Conversions

These are in most cases, basement apartments or attic apartments. However, do not confuse these with a spare room. They are fully converted to be functional independent living space.

How Would I Build an ADU on My Property?

Depends on what you want! To build any ADU you need to obtain a building permit from your local jurisdiction that states you can build a habitable living space on your property. However, if the space is non-habitable, and is under 200 sq ft, then sometimes you do not need a permit. (We suggest you make sure that no permit is require to avoid any legal setbacks)

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